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Licensing Models

(1) Non-Exclusive License: For all non-exclusive Content, you appoint THE WORLD ACCESS as Your Licensor with the understand that other third parties may also license said Content.

(2) Co-Exclusive License: Any and all Content that is submitted on a co-exclusive basis allows Us to act as your Licensor regarding Content submitted and Accepted by Us for the purpose of licensing the material to third parties. In that event, You agree not to share, release, or distribute the Accepted (or similar) Content to any other party without our express written permission. However, this Co-Exclusive License does allow you to License the Content to your own clients, provided that We retain the right to offer exclusive licenses to Our customers. Please notify Us of any other Licenses you have previously granted prior to this Agreement in order to avoid conflicts with any other Licensees.

(3) Exclusive License: In the event You appoint Us as Your exclusive Licensor for Accepted Content for representation to third parties, You acknowledge and agree not to share, distribute, or release the Accepted Content (or similar derivative work) to anyone,
whether an individual or company, for the purpose of licensing and distribution. This clause may only be modified by our prior written consent.